The Creative Prompt

(Opening our Parachutes and Learning to Soar)

Prompts for the Creative Mind
The Imaginations.
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All artists have had those times. The times where the art
inside the head cannot leave it's dark cave for any number of reasons.

As one of those artists, I got tired of not having the inspiration
to push the ideas out of my head and on to the medium of choice.

I created this community to help "jump-start" the creative mind.

Please feel free to post your own prompts to help stimulate our creativity.

NOTE: There are a few rules of this community (please read below):

1. Any images larger than 640x480, please place behind an LJ-cut.

2. Please don't advertise in this community - all ads will be deleted.
There are plenty of communities used just for LJ community advertising. The only exception to this rule is for the advertising of specific pieces of art or items directly related to the art community. (Again, no LJ community promotion.)

3. Any pieces containing nudity, please place under an lj-cut.

4. Because this community may have images/words containing nudity
or sexual themes, please have your age listed on your profile.
18+ please.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email the moderator at: LiquidxAngel@hotmail.com